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LLU Food Technology faculty – Vacuum rising film evaporator; Multi – Purpose processing vessel
ZS ”Kalna Smides 1” - Chocolate moulding machine
ZS ”Kalna Smides 1” – Ink jet coder
SIA “LAKIJS” - Semi-automatic packaging/weighing machine for packaging of loose product

SIA “Malevss” (Sierstelles) – pneumatic cheese press.
SIA “EVI&JO” – semi-automatic twist-off capping machine.
ZS “Kalna Smides 1” – compact labelling machine with conveyor.
SIA “LAKIJS” – fruit,berries juice and jam processing line.
SIA “Stenders” – pneumatic filler.
LLU Food Technology Faculty – high pressure food processing system.
ZS “Veckoras” – dryer for apple chips.
LLU Food Technology Faculty – laboratory cheese vat.
Valmiera Technical School - fruit, vegetables and beverage processing Pilot line laboratory, milk processing Pilot line laboratory, as well as fish processing laboratory.
SIA„Baltfarm” – fruits and berries juice processing and filling line. „Royal berry” juices.
SIA„Olustvere Vocational school” in Estonia - Pilot plant. Fruits and berries processing line.
SIA„Pure Food” – Pulpers Refiners.
SIA„Aneva J” – berries juice processing equipment.
SIA„Ozolinakonditoreja” – jam cooking kettle at vacuum.
ZS „Rubuli” – meat processing machines .
SIA „Valmiermuizas alus” - semi-automatic beverage carbonating machine.
SIA „Ozolina konditoreja” – fruits and berries crusher and pulper refiner.
LPKS „Vilani” – Milk separator and butter churn.
SIA „Jaunkrasts” – blade chopper for beets.
SIA „”JVB” („Blankenfeldes muiza”) – fruits and berries processing line.
ZS „Kalnaraji” – fruits and berries processing line and apples drying equipment.


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