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Filling and packaging

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Fud-Tech provides various equipment for product filling, packaging, closing, labeling, end products packaging and so on.  We can offer semi-automatic machines for the small production, automatic machines or monoblocks for the industrial production and filling packaging lines, including all equipment.  Our product range includes machines for fruits, berries, vegetables  juices, jam, cream, concentrate, puree etc. filling, ketchup, mayonnaise filling, vegetable soups and salads filling with pieces, still and sparkling water filling lines,  milk, yoghurt and other dairy product filling and packaging. Fud-Tech provides beer, wine and other alcohol filling also oil filling. We can also offer equipment for dry product packaging.

Our machines can fill the product in various containers: glass bottles, jars, plastic containers, jerry cans, different size buckets, Bag-in-Box, Doypacks, metal cans and so on.
We cooperate with high quality Italian and England equipment manufacturers.



  • Monoblock filling systems
  • Bag-in-Box fillers
  • Semi-Automatic filling systems
  • Fillers of products with whole pieces, liquid and pasty
  • Filling and thermosealing machines
  • Bottles, jars rinsing machines
  • Capping machines
  • Can seamer
  • Labelling machines
  • Carbonization and Premix units
  • Vacuum detector
  • Batch pasteurizers and pasteurization tunnels
  • Sterilization Autoclaves
  • End products packaging
  • Vacuum packaging machines


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