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Fud Tech Mission


Fud Tech bases its trade policy on a new synergy with the customer, with the belief that he is not just a machinery buyer, but above a partner with whom to grow and better, to whom a punctual technical and technological service must be granted.
Ideal Fud Tech partner is not only the large industry, for which we can also develop complete and even turnkey projects, but also and especially the small and medium industries, to which our society has dedicated a range of specifically designed equipment and facilities.
Fud Tech technicians are always available to study a production solution suitable to the real customer’s needs, by making, thus, each creation unique, always designed with extreme care and appropriate to the request.


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Production Program


Fud Tech production program consists in supplying single machines or plants for the preparation of:

  • Marmalades and jams
  • Fruit puree
  • Juices
  • Fruit nectar with relative weighing room, mixing and treatment
  • Tomato preserves
  • Candy fruits
  • Dried  fruits and vegetables
  • Vegetables and food preserves in oil or vinegar
  • Liquors and infusions containing herbs and fruits
  • Food milk
  • Yoghurt and cheese

Everything as both industrial and pilot plants.


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